Lorde Unveils New Single ‘Sober’

Lorde - Melodrama
Following her highly anticipated return with Green Light, Liability, and Perfect Places, Lorde today unveiled a brand new song called Sober. Loving the beat of this song and, as always, she's a crafty lyricist. Stream it below!

Speaking about Sober on Twitter Lorde said,
so the first inklings of sober came to me in the back of an uber, and then properly at jack and lena's kitchen table. i BOLTED to the studio. i'll never forget writing the first demo it was like a trance i guided jack to the chords almost wordlessly with my hands on his shoulders. it was this really intense booming slow synth thing with a drum outro for ages then malay came thru on my birthday & cracked the code on it. came up with the "midnight, lose my mind" pitched sample on a sinfully hot day in palm springs and also started sober II that day as well. but this song was so important to me because it felt like pop music i hadn't heard before, this sprawling brass & strange vocal syncopation. & i think we expressed the emotions so purely- it's leaning & drawling, juvenile & triumphant - impressing someone then embarrassing urself.
Sober is the latest single from the forthcoming album Melodrama set to arrive next week on June 16th!
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