ATTLAS Unveils New Single "What You Do To Me"

ATTLAS Unveils New Single "What You Do To Me"
ATTLAS has unveiled his brand new single What You Do To Me, on mau5trap. The song features a steady, driving beat layered over cascading synths and atmospheric melodies, making What You Do To Me super addictive and subtly enchanting. It's the type of song that could be the soundtrack for that perfect summer's evening where romance blooms unexpectedly. Stream it below!

Jeff Hartford first took the music world by storm back when his identity had yet to be uncovered, and whispers began circulating that the enigmatic ATTLAS was actually deadmau5 producing music under a new alias. While he is not, in fact, deadmau5, Hartford's evocative and envelope-pushing productions landed him a home at mau5trap.
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