Riley Smith Drops New Single ‘I’m On Fire’

Riley Smith
Actor/musician Riley Smith returns to the music world with a brand new single I’m On Fire. His vocals and songwriting stunningly blend country rock, hard-hitting soulful Americana and modern pop for a sound rarely found in music today. 

This song features his warm vocals, beautiful guitar works and an infectious chorus. His heart wrenchingly authentic delivery results in a beautiful and achingly relatable record that is sure to be a radio hit. The song was co-written with Matthew Perryman Jones and Tim Lauer (Hank Williams, Shawn Mendes, Blake Shelton) while Riley was living in Nashville filming for a season of the hit Country Music TV Series "Nashville". Riley said,
I'm on Fire exemplified what my time writing in Nashville was all about to me. The synergy. The talent.

I am completely addicted to this song guys! I had no idea he could sing until I saw him in Nashville. His vocals are super soulful and sexy! I’m On Fire is taken from his long awaited self-titled EP, produced by Kevin Leach, who has previously worked with a wide array of major label acts and respected indie artists. The five song EP is inspired by his time in Nashville and is relative to feelings and emotions he had whilst living in such a compelling yet isolating city. Smith explains how time and place had a huge impact on his writing process and ultimately made the EP what it is today.
My influences are as diverse as the city. I set out with a goal and plan to utilize my time in Nashville to write with as many writers as I could with the goal of making an album. 

After moving to Nashville, Smith dove into the realm of old classic country music, exploring it’s history and roots. However, the longer he was there and the more musicians he collaborated with, his sound started developing into something more dynamic and divergent. Smith’s writing process began to reference a wider variety of sounds and styles resulting in a body of music that's relatable, heartfelt and diverse. Riley Smith will be released July 21st, worldwide.

Smith describes the EP as ‘loaner music’,
there’s a common theme of distance and space running through the EP. There’s a longing and yearning to the music. Lonesome at times. I want the EP to hopefully transcend to anyone who's ever felt alone.

No secret to those familiar with his lead role on the popular TV show “Nashville”, Smith’s gritty, yet smooth, singing voice and charismatic presence have built him a career on stage and screen.  Acting in popular shows like "True Blood", "True Detective", and his latest lead, on The CW’s "Frequency", got him out in front of the people.  His love for music introduced him to them in a way unlike any other role he has played.
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