Rachel Jane releases new single ‘Waiting for a Change’

Rachel Jane
British Singer/Songwriter Rachel Jane has released her brand new single Waiting For A Change. The song is very powerful guys. Loving her soulful vocals and the dynamic high energy production. Gorgeous percussion and guitar works which guide the song into an anthem of courage, perseverance and strength, in the midst of frustration and delay. Check it out below!

Speaking about the single Rachel said,
This song came out of a season where I learnt that even when you feel so ready to do all that you feel born to do, it's not necessarily going to happen when you want it to. This song is for anyone needing encouragement in a time of waiting and growing in patience. Keeping holding on and pressing in, breakthrough can happen in a moment.

With soul-bearing vocals and more passion then ever, her new EP 'The Mountain' will be released in July 2017, showcasing a maturity, vulnerability and open-hearted honesty that has become of Rachel Jane since her debut.

At only twenty-one years of age, Rachel Jane is a force to be reckoned with. Not only a singer/songwriter but also a budding producer, the songstress debuted her first project 'Back of The Wind' in 2015 to critical acclaim. Her first offering showcased a tenacious sense of conviction, not only in her music but also her message. In a time of fleeting singles, auto tuned vocals and more hype then actual delivery, her music is substance; it is crafted rather then generated, uplifting and inspired.
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