Joeski Drops New Single "Dancing In Space"

Joeski Drops New Single "Dancing In Space"
Time for a perfect slice of Tech House music. Brooklyn-born DJ, producer and label owner Joeski has dropped his brand new single, Dancing In Space, out now via Kinetika Records. This song has a super hypnotic vibe to it, making me want to close my eyes and just move to the sound of its infectious beat. Check it out below!

Supported by a crisp snare, the king of kicks introduces his track with marching percussion as a controlled start to the track, a hefty contrast to the experimental phrasing that’s to follow.

The lead melodic riff sits off beat hauntingly and grows in velocity with a clever pitch bend, after which we are confronted with silence. ‘Dancing in outer space’ says a whispering voice in an eerie and sinister expression, before we’re dropped back into the sweet rhythmical refrain.

Joeski reigns it in for the end, returning once more to the simplistic percussive foundations and unveiling a track with the personality tendencies of Jekyll and Hyde.

Kinetika and Joeski have come together beautifully to create a traditional house track with experimental and progressive influences which represent both their sounds.
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