Eurovision Song Contest 2017: Grand Final Tonight

Eurovision Song Contest 2017
Hey guys! So tonight is the Grand Final of the 62nd edition of the Eurovision Song ContestI can't wait for tonight. I've never been this excited! Portugal has a chance to win and I really want us to win!

However this seems to be a tough year since Portugal, Italy and Bulgaria are super close and this may come down to the final moments. Fingers crossed for Portugal!! Oh and the UK finally has a good song and a powerful performance. Can you imagine if they win this? Moldova has the sax man so... may get a lot of votes for it. And Hungary has a beautiful ethnic track! Tough choices!

My top 10 for the grand final is:

  1. Portugal
  2. Italy
  3. Bulgaria
  4. France
  5. Belgium
  6. UK
  7. Sweden
  8. Hungary
  9. Moldova
  10. The Netherlands

What are your top 10 picks? Let me know on the comments! Check out the running order below!

Eurovision 2017 - 2nd Semi-Final Running Order:

  1.     Israel
  2.     Poland
  3.     Belarus
  4.     Austria
  5.     Armenia
  6.     The Netherlands
  7.     Moldova
  8.     Hungary
  9.     Italy
  10.     Denmark
  11.     Portugal
  12.     Azerbaijan
  13.     Croatia
  14.     Australia
  15.     Greece
  16.     Spain
  17.     Norway
  18.     United Kingdom
  19.     Cyprus
  20.     Romania
  21.     Germany
  22.     Ukraine
  23.     Belgium
  24.     Sweden
  25.     Bulgaria
  26.     France
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