Eurovision 2017: Semi-Final 1 Tonight

Eurovision Song Contest 2017
Hey guys! It's that time of the year again! The 62nd edition of the Eurovision Song Contest is upon us!
Tonight, May 9th 2017, is the Semi-Final 1 of Eurovision 2017 where we'll see 18 acts performing but only 10 will make it to the big Final on Saturday, May 13th! Yesterday all of tonight's acts performed for the juries so tonight is all for the people at home!

I am extremely excited for tonight's show. I can't remember being so excited to see my country, Portugal, on Eurovision. Last time I was this excited was in 2008 with Vânia Fernandes and her song Senhora do Mar. This year we have Salvador Sobral with Amar Pelos Dois and is the first time we are in #2 on the odds to win the whole competition! This for me is amazing! To see Europe appreciate our song so much!

Portugal's Salvador will bring a lot of emotion and intimacy to tonight's show and apart from him, yes he is my ultimate favourite even if I wasn't portuguese, I expect 9 other countries to go through to the Finals:
Sweden, Belgium, Azerbaijan, Australia, Finland, Greece, Iceland, Cyprus and Armenia. These are my top 10 picks for tonight. Tell me your top 10 in the comments below!

Eurovision 2017 - 1st Semi-Final Running Order:

  1.     Sweden
  2.     Georgia
  3.     Australia
  4.     Albania
  5.     Belgium
  6.     Montenegro
  7.     Finland
  8.     Azerbaijan
  9.     Portugal
  10.     Greece
  11.     Poland
  12.     Moldova
  13.     Iceland
  14.     Czech Republic
  15.     Cyprus
  16.     Armenia
  17.     Slovenia
  18.     Latvia

My bets for top 3 tonight are:

1. Portugal - Amar Pelos Dois

2. Sweden - I Can't Go On

3. Belgium - City Lights

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