August Green Unveils New Single "In Front Of You"

August Green Unveils New Single "In Front Of You"
Hey guys! I've got some fresh music for you all the way from Sweden!! Swedish singer/songwriter August Green has just released his brand new single In Front Of You! If you're into indie/folk music than you'll love this piece. I really love those acoustic guitar chords and the way he tells a story. Listening to this song makes me feel like I am in a forest, enjoying a summer day being in touch with nature. It sounds so smooth and effortless. Perfect track for late summer festivals. Check it out below!

August Green is the writer/producer who moved to the countryside in search for some peace and quiet. He set up a makeshift studio in a converted boat house in the archipelago of south Sweden. Working part time at a curtain company he spends his remaining time writing and recording thoughtful, hopeful and humble music with a unique ability to recognize the beauty in the mundane. Backed up by stripped acoustic productions he sings directly to the listener with his sincere voice.

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