Stream GENTS’ Debut EP ‘About Time’

Stream GENTS’ Debut EP ‘About Time’
Copenhagen-based duo GENTS have released their debut album About Time via The Big Oil Recording Company. This is a beautiful electro-pop body of work with infectious synths and hooks. With Theis Vesterløkke on synths and production and Niels Fejrskov Juhl’s characteristic baritone vocals, GENTS’ sound is founded in a shared passion for 80’s synths and drum machines, alongside obvious nods to distinguished crooner’s Elvis, Scott Walker and Rick Astley. My favourite tracks are Brother, I Wanna Be Free, Slomotion, and Trouble! Stream it below!

Their sound screams fun, but the duo are keen to emphasise their sincerity in what they do; talking to Soundvenue, Juhl describes their ambition to write songs which move people, but always with “a twinkle in the eye”. Citing artists such as Wham!, Tears for Fears and The War on Drugs as influences, the pair champion musicians who are not afraid to open up their hearts and use music as a direct mode of expression, with no distance or irony.
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