Spencer Anthony Drops "Words to Hide Behind" EP

Spencer Anthony Drops "Words to Hide Behind" EP
Indie-pop songwriter, Spencer Anthony has released his latest project, Words To Hide Behind, an eclectic EP that relays a hopeful message to listeners. Anthony aimed to release an EP that resonates with many people and has the power to radiate hope to those who need it. Earlier this year I've shared its first single, Monsters, with you: an ode to the struggles of dealing with anxiety. Chase is composed of soft guitar plucs and vulnerable lyrics and is by far my favourite track from this EP.  Happy Pill has upbeat tones that exude uplifting feelings at first listen. Speaking about the EP Anthony said,
The title, Words to Hide Behind, is about the masks that we wear in everyday life. We hide from our feelings by saying words and phrases that don't really tell the truth. We bottle things up and deal with them in an unhealthy way, and all three of these songs heavily address that.

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