OLSSON releases new song ‘Ça M’est Égal’

OLSSON releases new song ‘Ça M’est Égal’
Swedish songwriter and producer OLSSON has released his new song Ça M’est Égal, as an instant grat with pre-orders of the forthcoming debut album Millions, out May 12th through Universal. Loving the 90s vibe of the song and the way he masterfully pulls together elements of trip hop and Britpop. Featuring on this beautiful tune we have the heated lyricism of Swedish rapper Daniel Adams-Ray.

Regarding Ça M’est Égal OLSSON says,
It´s a relationship record in conversational format. To myself and my mental health, to my love life, to the world around me, my addictions and anxiety. It´s about isolation, paranoia, but mainly capturing the disturbed, smashed state of mind when you´re out at 3am and don´t give a fuck. You drink and dial your ex-girlfriend multiple times with nothing but bad luck, but still you couldn’t care less. You feel undefeatable but you’re already down on the ground. The expression Ca M’est Egal means “whatever” in French and was frequently used by my half-french ex-girl.

With Millions OLSSON has created an album that cross-pollinates musical flavours, spanning generations and continents. It’s an orgy of house pianos, Madchester beats, untamed instrumental work and bruising soul hallmarks. Millions is an unconventional and nostalgically tuned indie-dance pop project, which is set to see OLSSON breathe new life into parties around the planet.
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