HVMM Unveil New Single ‘Lacerate’

HVMM Unveil New Single ‘Lacerate’
Time for some super groovy rock. Birmingham band HVMM have unveiled their brand new single Lacerate. Beautiful bass lines, fuzzy guitar riffs and a dark-rock vibe makes me love this song. It reminds me of something Jack White would deliver! The guys say,
Lacerate is a song, [Talk To Me Like I'm Dead] is a small selection of songs. Try limiting any preconceived ideas when listening to them and enjoy them for what they may or may not be to you. Or choose to get suckered in by some standard marketing bullshit to help lead you down the road like a two year old, needing constant guidance when learning to use a knife and fork.

Lacerate is the first single to be lifted from their upcoming EP Talk To Me Like I'm Dead. HVMM are Andy, Sam, Ebony and Jack.


11TH MAY - HRH Road Trip, IBIZA
3RD JUNE - Camden Rocks Festival, LONDON
1ST JULY - The Prince Of Wales Kettering (FREE)

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