Everywhere Unveil New Single "Man Up" ft. Rebecca Nohr

Everywhere Unveil New Single "Man Up" ft. Rebecca Nohr
Hey guys! One thing I love when getting home is to listen to some fresh music and this one is gorgeous! UK band Everywhere have announced their first 2017 offering in the form of new single Man Up, currently available for streaming on Soundcloud. The official release to all digital stores including Spotify will happen on June 9th. Check it out below!

I am loving the energy of this tune. It's an infectious electro-pop tune with funky basslines, killer synth and guitar works and features the vocals of Swedish singer/songwriter Rebecca Nohr. A perfect song for the summer! Super warm and takes me instantly to those late summer nights! The song has an anthemic vibe similar to The Killers or Hurts. Beyond its casual first impression, the song dives into themes about unfulfilled expectations, dominant partners, and the pain stalking strives to live up to an old-fashioned idea of what it means to be a man. 

The band is currently working on an album which is expected to be out this fall.

Everywhere are:
Max Berga (Vocals)
Joe Sanders (Bass)
Andrei Sora (Guitar)
Dan Graham (Drums)
Joe Bates (Keys)
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