Thea Gilmore Drops New Single ‘Sounds Good To Me’

Singer/songwriter Thea Gilmore has announced a brand new album, The Counterweight, which will be released on June 2nd through Cooking Vinyl. To accompany the news she unveiled the first single Sounds Good To Me which is an infectious alt-pop tune. Speaking of the single Thea said,
I like to think of it as a bit of an anarchist’s polka…Calling the dispossessed, the downtrodden, the weary to arms. Lighting a fire… remembering there’s more than one way to live and who wants to walk when you can dance!

The Counterweight is her first studio album for four years and echoes the rapid change in our social and political landscape that 2016 brought with it. To fill you in more, when finishing the album in September last year, she was forced to look back at the spring and summer recording period and the tumultuous times that happened throughout the year including working on songs Reconcile as Britain voted to leave the EU, and recording Johnny Gets A Gun three days after the Orlando shooting. That day was also most harrowingly of all, the day when the world was watching the tragedy of Jo Cox's murder unfold and at the very eleventh hour became the inspiration for the final track The War, with the first and last verses directly referencing her. That track is also possibly the mission statement of the album, going to war on the negativity and bleakness of the current world mesmerised by fake news and futility. The Counterweight tries to be exactly that. A redressing of the balance, a tool of pressure, an exertion of opposite force and as such, a flagof hope.
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