Stonebank Drops New Single "Ripped To Pieces" ft. EMEL

Stonebank Drops New Single "Ripped To Pieces" ft. EMEL
Let's carry on dancing! Stonebank has unveiled his brand new single Ripped To Pieces, featuring EMEL. This track, out now on Monstercat, is super energetic with a fast paced beat, gorgeous percussion and synth works! Check it out below!

Born and raised in Peterborough, England, Michael Stonebank is no newcomer to electronic music. Having made an impact in various corners of the music industry, under a number of aliases, the 29 year old’s production style is as broad and colourful as his history. Stonebank is a culmination of Michael’s musical journey, influenced by the UK’s Drum & Bass and Hardcore cultures, as well as the growing complextro sub-genre. Having fine tuned his craft over the years, Stonebank is no longer confined to a specific style. Instead, he utilizes his experience to explore his creative side and continue to create the music he loves. His sound teeters the line between melodic and aggressive, offering an element of unpredictability to his productions.
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