Retro Culture Premieres ‘Calling’ Video

Retro Culture Premieres ‘Calling’ Video
Retro Culture - the solo project of Melbourne based multi-instrumentalist and producer Matt Connelly - has premiered the official music video for his latest single Calling. This is a gorgeous electropop tune with sick synth works! The track was co-produced with ydney based producer Jean Paul Fung (Client Liaison, Bird of Tokyo, Art vs. Science) and Connelly describes Calling as his most pop track to date and being about,
That period you might go through when you are fresh out of a relationship and you're going out a lot to try forget or move on from that previous love, but ultimately at the end of the night that person is still stuck on your mind.

Connelly wrote and directed the video for Calling himself which features friends of his acting in the video.
The video was inspired half by Napoleon Dynamite and half by The Weekend’s Can’t Feel My Face music video. It’s basically about this guy who goes down to a Karaoke bar and gives this extremely over the top performance to try and impress this girl he’s in to. So, we found a bar in Melbourne, invited a bunch of friends down, and made my housemate Bryce Padovan (who plays the lead) dance around and sing like an idiot for a day. It was a really fun shoot. Everyone from the band made a little cameo in the music video as well. There is a slightly sad ending to the clip as the song at the end of the day is about missing someone you love, so I wanted to work that into the clip somehow. But I do hope people get a laugh out of it!
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