KAYZO Debuts on Monstercat with “This Time”

KAYZO Debuts on Monstercat with “This Time”
After winning Insomniac’s Discovery Project back in 2012, KAYZO has been on a non-stop forward motion taking on every hard-hitting genre possible. Now he has dropped his new single, This Time, which marks his debut on Monstercat. This is quite an intense and energetic track guys! The unforgettable beat is matched with an energetic melody, and will definitely snag your attention.

Hayden Capuozzo was born in Houston Texas,but called many cities his home. Since his debut, Kayzo hasn't let up experimenting with creating music in genres like happy hardcore, hardstyle, electro, dubstep and even a bit of psy trance. He has recently created milestone collaborations on remixes with happy hardcore rising star Gammer on their Propaganda remix by DJ Snake and Carnage with their “Never Forget You” remix.
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