Joseph Eid Drops New Single “Watch It Fall”

Joseph Eid Drops New Single “Watch It Fall”
Americana singer and songwriter, Joseph Eid released his latest single, Watch It Fall, a folk tune with truthful lyrics that unite with its heartwarming melody. The single communicates the unpredictable experiences that come along with chasing one’s dreams. I adore this song guys! I'm a sucker for folk tunes and this one is right up my alley, not to mention the lyrics!

Produced by Brian Soucy and Joseph Eid, Watch It Fall shines light on the feelings that occur while chasing your dreams, as time becomes your enemy. Joseph said,
I first said six months, but it’s been six years and I am still here. I wrote this song at a low point when I was questioning the choices and sacrifices I was making to continue the vigorous quest of chasing my dreams and living as an artist. The building is a metaphor for his life. I thought that the idea of using vivid characters and their stories in this setting would be an entertaining and effective way to communicate the emotions of sadness, disappointment, despair.
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