DORJ Premieres ‘Thunder’ Music Video

DORJ Premieres ‘Thunder’ Music Video
Tel Aviv's singer songwriter/producer DORJ has just released the official music video for his new single Thunder. This is a lovely soulful, R&B-infused pop tune co-produced by Israeli producer Shuzin. I love his voice!! DORJ describes the inspiration of the track as being about,
An exploration of a person’s wills and desires, and the elements that drive our motivations in our daily lives. ‘Thunder’ is an optimistic song and a beckoning to “fly as you are”, which is essentially the key to the song - that the only way to grow and discover your true inner essence is by self-acceptance and learning to love who you are.

The video for Thunder was shot in London, guerrilla-style, with no filming permission. The idea was to gather footage from various locations, while involving passers-by. There is even a scene in the video where Dorj gets chased out of a graveyard during filming. Thunder is one of the songs that features on DORJ’s forthcoming EP Hipnotized, set to arrive on April 28th.

DORJ studied composition at the Tel Aviv Academy of Music. He describes his classical education as being too strict and formal. DORJ subsequently left the academy after two years to pursue his love of soul, gospel, disco, hip hop & jazz music.
I got to the point where I really wanted to learn how to write and compose a classical piece, but I was struggling to find a way to express myself. I left the academy and continued working on my own beats, writing music and experimenting in the studio. I get a lot of inspiration from working with musicians and producers that I appreciate - I'm learning a lot from it, and I'm always into exploring new and interesting collaborations.

Hipnotized EP  Tracklisting
1. Thunder
2. Hipnotized
3. Round
4. Blame
5. Right X Wrong
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