Dead Ceremony Drop New Single ‘Oh Boy’

Dead Ceremony Drop New Single ‘Oh Boy’
Dead Ceremony are back with their brand new single Oh Boy, out now. This is the first single to be released from their forthcoming album released later in 2017. I am in love with those synths!! Oh Boy starts softly, with sampled chimes and vocals, and each section that follows introduces something new and purposeful into the sound, be it: sub-bass, drums, guitar, lead synths, vocal samples or synth pads. The song continues to grow and build right up to its pay-off - a rousing purposeful pop chorus the band joyfully and satisfyingly delivers.

Speaking on the song DC say:
Oh Boy is about doubting your sense of value and purpose to another person, and whether you should leave them for both yours and their sake: “I’m waiting for a change in my luck/ that’s tangible to my touch/ don’t wait too long/ find love with another”. It tries to reconcile the worry that the person you’re with would be better off without you, despite the fact they acknowledge your doubt: “Oh boy/ you don’t know what you’re looking for/ oh boy/ you look lost to me” and despite the fact you need them to be there when you feel like giving up: “when I feel lacking energy/ hold on to me.

Dead Ceremony is a four-piece from Tunbridge Wells, Kent, made up of Christopher Stewart, David Trevillion, Neil Allen and Harry Pearce. Originally the solo-project of lead-singer and songwriter, Christopher, Dead Ceremony became a four-piece at the start of 2014.
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