Smoke Season Premiere "Hello" Music Video

Smoke Season Premiere "Hello" Music Video
Indie-electronic duo, Smoke Season have taken Lionel Richie’s classic 1984 hit, Hello and laced it with fashion and empowerment. This is a gorgeous electronic rework of this classic! For the creation of the video, the band assembled a group of powerhouse feminists to work alongside them. Critically acclaimed actress, Megan Duffy, directed the video and her vision was for a blend of timelessness, empowerment, tension and style. Throughout the video, a distressed woman fights to find her inner peace. As she begins to unwind from a long day, she finds her oasis and reaches a new level of self-love. Lead vocalist Gabrielle Wortman said,
The past couple of months have been trying for women, so we wanted to make a video that focused on female empowerment. After a difficult day, this woman comes home weary and burnt out, but picks herself back up and gets ready for the next challenge. By the end, she’s done a complete 180 and has found her inner queen.

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