Plastik Funk Drops "House of Bliss" Compilation

Plastik Funk returns now as a solo project of Rafael Ximenez. The DJ/Producer keeps on delivering to make sure his music should be the purest euphoria, which is why he made "bliss house" the mantra of his productions. Now Rafael delivers a compilation appropriately-titled House Of Bliss. Every single minute of this mix is uplifting and energetic. Plastik Funk keeps it interesting by adding in some unexpected gems like Tchami's SIAW and the Siege remix of Pasilda. The standouts of the mix include some of Plastik Funk's own finest releases on Armada Music, namely the feel-good Love & Affection and the euphoric Sunrise. Check it out below!

Plastik Funk has some exciting new music in the works that will follow the House of Bliss Compilation: Plastik Funk teamed up with Sagan, who has released tracks on Don Diablo's label Hexagon, for a mighty club banger, and also has a solo track Bring Me Down to be released shortly. Both tracks are coming out on Armada Music, so stay tuned for more bliss house from Plastik Funk to turn any bad day around!
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