Mr Sanka Unveil New Single "Be Easy"

Mr Sanka Unveil New Single "Be Easy"
Mr Sanka have unveiled their brand new single Be Easy, the first track to be lifted from their forthcoming Gallon EP (PMR/B3SCI). This is a beautiful song of hope with a great mix of live instrumentation with textured electronica.

Pulling from three diverse life journeys, Mr Sanka flourishes with a cosmopolitan diversity that belies nationality. Dutch singer and visual artist Nick - who also designs all the band's artwork - met London-based producers Mus and Murray by chance when they were all visiting Los Angeles. They immediately hit it off, forming a friendship (and very quickly, Mr Sanka) alternately defined by working in extreme distance, and extreme proximity: the early results of Mr Sanka suggest a restless fusion of sounds, in which relationships are audibly evolving and whatever time you have together counts.

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