Little Hours Premiere "Water" Video

Little Hours Premiere "Water" Video
Hey guys! It seems I have a new favourite duo! Ireland's talented duo Little Hours have unveiled the visuals for their gorgeous debut single Water, impacting February 3rd, on RCA Records now. Little Hours are 26 year old vocalist / guitarist Ryan McCloskey and 22 year old vocalist / keyboardist John Doherty. The two deliver here a stunning tune with gorgeous melodies and evocative lyrics. Such an emotional tune guys! Loving the purity of their track and its cinematic vibe. Speaking of the video the guys said:
We were toying with a few ideas for the video, and then one evening we overheard a discussion about the refugee crisis, and something just clicked. We're talking about millions of people here -- the largest displacement of people since the second World War -- and this one term, "refugee", is meant to encapsulate their whole lives, everything about them, all of these tens of millions of people. So we started thinking about that in terms of a single relationship -- all that hate and fear and where it could end up and the impact it would have on these two people's lives, this one relationship.

Written in their home studio on the isolated clifftops of Killybegs, County Donegal, Water encapsulates the purity and clarity of their body of work.  The seclusion of their set up is seen in the pared back precision of their song-writing, weaving gorgeous melodies with evocative lyrics.

The band’s creative vision extends beyond their song-writing. Keyboardist John is a painter, and produces original artworks to accompany each of the tracks the duo record. The powerful forthcoming video for ‘Water’ was also their own conception. These threads of artistry all combine to build a uniquely homegrown approach to their work.

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