X-Factor’s Saara Aalto Lands Huge Record Deal

X-Factor’s Saara Aalto Lands Huge Record Deal
X Factor runner-up Saara Aalto has gotten herself a huge record deal! The Finnish singer signed a five-album international record deal with Sony Music UK and Sony Music Finland! Well done! She deserves it!! The singer is set to work with Sia and told The Sun she already has a Sia-penned tune:
I'm now working with some of the best songwriters in the world and Sia has written a song that has been given to me. Oh my god, it's just insane. I think Sia is a pretty good reference for me because her way of ­singing and the way she composes the melodies and writes the lyrics is very similar to what I've always done. I describe my own music as epic love pop. I don't want to sing about going to a party with friends, I want to sing meaningful songs that can inspire people and I think Sia's songs are really deep. 'Chandelier' is about young girls who think they have to please others to be loved and that really touched me. The lyrics are so inspiring and life-changing.

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