Introducing: The Perfect Mess

Morning everybody! One thing I love about blogging is that every day I find new acts and get to listen to new music. If you're an alt-rock fan I've got a treat for you! The Perfect Mess is a duo formed late 2014 by two friends, Niklas Bohm and Mikko Viitala. They come from Skövde, Sweden, and together they have been playing music for a long time and last year they released their self-titled EP, which was recorded in Nacksving studios. Below you can stream this beautiful EP which awesome tunes such as Wonderful Whiz, First Mess, Mistery and my personal favourite You.

Really enjoying their sound on which the drums and guitars take centre stage. My favourite track, You, is more stripped back, with an acoustic guitar which showcases their versatility. In early 2017 The Perfect Mess will be headed for Nacksving studios once again, this time with a producer called Anders Lagerfors. The production is believed to be filled with great songs that will make The Perfect Mess a common phrase on everyones lips!

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