Indie-Folk Duo TAMMY Reveal New Album "This"

Indie-Folk Duo TAMMY Reveal New Album "This"
Indie-folk duo TAMMY - comprised of Brooke Backman and Aaron Mendelsohn - have just shared their brand new album titled This. If you're into acoustic guitars, gorgeous harmonies and lyrics than you'll love this album. TAMMY said,
TAMMY emerged from the rock opera That which never got made to bring you This. This collection of songs brings together the two sides of TAMMY - the satirical lover and the woman of longing. Since 'the satirical lover and the woman of longing' was kind of a mouthful, we decided to call it This. Hope you enjoy.
My favourite songs are To- Alone, Doing Something Right, Lullaby, and Away For The Weekend!

Members Aaron and Brooke, who met for the first time at a bar called Iona, possess the kind of undeniable chemistry that brings to mind some of the most beloved American folk duos, like Simon & Garfunkel and Dylan and Baez. Aaron’s acoustic riffs provide the perfect backdrop for Brooke’s sweet yet sultry, honey-soaked vocals, giving TAMMY its truly original sound.

Influenced by everyone from Burt Bacharach to Nirvana, both Aaron and Brooke began developing their musicality at the age of four. Now, as TAMMY, they draw inspiration from their experiences as New Yorkers. And as Brooke puts it,
We can’t wait to keep singing and writing songs about love, hate and making out.
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