Hello Casanova Release debut single "Iʹll Be Waiting"

Hello Casanova Release debut single "I'll Be Waiting"

Northern Ireland's Hello Casanova (previously known as Foreign Affairs) have unveiled their debut single I'll Be Waiting. The guys create solid edgy anthems with an Irish hook and large doses of positive energy. They write sweet and catchy pop punk songs about the world they're living in. Their songs focus on heart, drive and passion for the pop punk genre, with every song conveying meaning drawn from their own real life experiences and issues. 

Loving those guitars! This single is an infectious pop/rock song with an awesome underlying Celtic-melodic guitar riff slightly reminiscent of Big Country, this composition also calls to mind such modern-day bands as Blink 182 and Green Day.

Hello Casanova are: Matt Irwin (rhythm guitar and vocals), Ethan Williamson (lead guitar and vocals), and Martin Miller (drums and percussion).
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