Helena Legend Unveils New "No Explanations" EP

 Helena Legend Unveils New "No Explanations" EP
UK-born, Australian-bred DJ/Producer Helena Legend returns with a brand new EP titled No Explanations Part 1. The three track EP is a refreshing break away from Helena's previous identity, and the music speaks for itself; incorporating futuristic melodies, rhythmic basslines and sultry vocals. No Explanations Part 1 sounds both more mature and more experimental than Helena's past work, as if she stepped outside of her musical comfort zone and found exactly where she was meant to be.

I adore all tracks guys! Illusion features her lovely vocals and it has a Major Lazer vibe to it! RU Feelin It, is a sexy collaboration with Los Angeles singer/songwriter/producer duo LYRE and to wrap the EP we have the island rhythms and Australian Blake Rose's smooth voice on Getaway. Check it out below!

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