FEMME Drops Xmas Tune "Cry Cry Cry"

FEMME Drops Xmas Tune "Cry Cry Cry"
FEMME delivers another Christmas song!  The song is titled Cry Cry Cry and its video features tributes to Prince and David Bowie, lots of crying babies, Trump, Farage, and more! FEMME comments...
I wasn't sure I would be able to top last year's (sensational) "Santa (Be Good To Me)" but after 2016 provided such a rich source of material I couldn't help but give it a go. Now I find myself one more festive track closer to 'FEMME: The Ultimate Christmas Album' (expected 2024). As much as I am poking fun at what is surely a year for the history books, I also wanted to pay tribute to all the stars we've lost this year and some of the heartbreaking events that have dominated this year's headlines. 

FEMME'S Debutante Remixed album is out now!
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