Alex Di Leo Releases "So We Go" Music Video

Alex Di Leo Releases Official Music Video for "So We Go"
South Florida alternative indie singer/songwriter Alex Di Leo has unveiled the cool visuals for his lovely single So We Go. The video follows the lives of two distinct individuals striving for creative inspiration. As they come across objects and sights, we see moments between the two, showing a time when pure ecstasy and joy overtook and inspired their lives. The video transitions between their current lives and flashbacks from their experiences of adventure and love with one another.

This is what Alex Di Leo had to say about the track:
'So We Go' is about falling in love; when you first laid eyes on the special someone and only wanting to continuously be wanting to feel that same way you did when 'the stars first collided' and there was that magical spark...a feeling only the two of you share together and taking a chance on possibly one of the greatest adventures of your life.
Alex Di Leo began his solo career after his reputable rock band Wyld Fly parted ways in 2014. Spending the next year writing and recording music, Di Leo gathered most of his inspiration from traveling, using his songs as an uplifting way to share new experiences and journeys. Di Leo explains,
I'm constantly thinking of how short our lives are and how important it is to experience new things, take risks, and to not be afraid of what could go wrong, but what could go right. Sometimes it's the journey that teaches you a lot about the destination.
This infectious tune is the title track of his debut solo EP out now!
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