Industrial-Grunge act Wax on Water (WoW) has released digitally her debut album Procession, which will be then followed in January 2017 with a special limited vinyl edition. I love when women make this type of music! Love the way Maya combined electro with psyched-out industrial wrath. My favourite songs are An Army, Sonic, Innate and the title track Procession.

Maya Fire, the multi-instrumentalist behind this project, said:
The motivation behind the album was to create something visceral and aurally descriptive of where I was mentally. I had reached a place where anger and fear were starting to distort my inner self and I was starting to lose a sense of hope for any kind of desirable future, so Procession was about creating a gateway back to myself. The album deals with dissolution, reckoning and rebuilding; one of the definitions of Procession is ‘the act of coming forth from a source’, as well as describing forward movement and this represented that time of exploration – both personally and creatively.

Maya draws influences from acts such as Nine Inch Nails, Kraftwerk, Slayer, Soundgarden, Kate Bush, and David Bowie. 

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