Matt Townsend To Release 'The Drifter and the Dream' EP

Matt Townsend To Release 'The Drifter and the Dream' EP
North Carolina indie folk artist Matt Townsend is set to relase his new EP, The Drifter and the Dream Part 1 EP on December 2nd. This is the first installment of a two-part EP series. It features some of Western North Carolina’s finest musicians, such as Bill Berg (Drums on Bob Dylan’s Blood on the Tracks) River Guerguerian, Kat Williams, Franklin Keel, Jackson Dulaney, Carly Taich, Charles Gately (Doc Aquatic), Ryan Burns. The album was produced by Michael Selverne (Welcome to Mars productions) at Echo Mountain Recording Studios. 

With this new offering, Townsend has moved (mostly) away from the solo acoustic sound of his first two albums, and has developed toward a more eclectic, spacious sound. Drawing on influences from American folk, 60’s rock and pop, american indie rock, and ambient music, The Drifter and The Dream maps out a fresh avenue in his growing catalog. He's an incredible storyteller guys! My favourite songs are Came Down From The Mountain, Katie, and The Great American Madness.

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