KYKO releases new single 'Nature'

KYKO releases new single 'Nature'
KYKO has unveiled his brand new single Nature, out now via LAB Records. Taken from his forthcoming Wildlife EP, due for release early 2017, Nature typifies The South African inspiration that have found their way into KYKO's (aka Scott Verrill) sound of late and gel nicely with his way of working - beats first, then riffs. Nature is joyous and uplifting with a driving beat. Verrill explains,
With my new tracks I'm definitely pushing the electronic side. I really want to make something different... I've been coming back to [Paul Simon's] Graceland album a lot lately. I'm really into South African music at the moment as well, and I've tried to combine elements of that with electronics.

KYKO will be supporting Eliza and the Bear on their forthcoming UK tour in Nov/Dec.
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