Joseph J. Jones Unveils New Song 'Blood Lockdown'

Joseph J. Jones is back with a stunning new song Blood Lockdown. The Essex singer has reworked Kanye West's 'Blood on the Leaves' and 'Love Lockdown' to create this perfection of a song. I adore this rework, he gives it so much raw emotion!!

Joseph explains the inspiration behind the reinterpretation:
Always been a big fan of Kanye since the days of 'Graduation'. Me and my producer Rich Frenneaux, decided to have a play around in the studio with some of Kanye's songs. There wasn't any plan to put anything out but 'Blood on the leaves' and 'Love Lockdown' worked well so we tried to do something a bit different and develop them hand in hand to work as one. I always loved '808s and Heartbreaks' but when 'Yeezus' come around it was a game changer for me and made me look at the way I approach things in the studio. This is me adding a little soul and paying tribute to Yeezy.
Not only he has reworked these songs but also created the awesome artwork you see above! Back in September Joseph released his new EP, Hurricane, and you can stream it here!
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