Dirty Heads Premiere "Oxygen" Music Video

Alternative band Dirty Head have premiered the official music video for Oxygen’, the second single to be lifted from their successful self-titled 5th studio album. The video directed and produced by Collier Landry & Jared Watson brings a bit of a departure in aesthetic for the band with an easy tempo and low-key message of perseverance, giving us a different sound and feel from their previous hit single ‘That’'s All I Need’. Lead vocalist Jared Watson explains,
We wanted to visually capture the vibe of the song. It's very ethereal and a bit eerie, but also minimal at some points. We wanted to have that same feel. I referenced the Kill Bill fight scene where the lights turn off and it goes all blue and back lit with silhouettes. It’s a song that I feel people will put their own meaning to and apply their own life experiences to, so we wanted the video to be vague enough to leave that open to the viewer and not put a story to it.

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