Rhys Lewis Unveils Debut Single "Waking Up Without You"

Rhys Lewis Unveils New Single 'Waking Up Without You'
After 12 months of writing music for his debut record, Rhys Lewis reveals his official debut single Waking Up Without You, a soulful track with a driving chorus that speaks of lost love and regrets. Loving that blues-y guitar and his emotional vocals! Rhys describes the song,
The song came after a relationship I was really into ended quite abruptly, kind of out of nowhere. So lyrically it flicks between my affection for the sweeter moments of the past, to the present frustration and pain of being told it's over.I really wanted the song to grow, almost as if the situation was still sinking in and the frustration and pain was getting greater each chorus; the realisation hitting home the hardest in the final refrain.

Waking Up Without You has been recorded with Boe Weaver, a production duo who work out of a converted water tower called ‘Studio Humbug’ on the Isle of Wight.

23 years old from Oxford, Rhys’ past year has been spent between studios in London, Nashville, Stockholm, LA and Berlin; a whirlwind year that has allowed him to develop a maturity to his songwriting. Binding together a rich soul with a lyrical immediacy straight from the heart of Bill Withers, James Taylor and Carole King, Rhys has an uncanny ability to capture the moment of love’s ending: the loaded silences, the tensions, the irony of still wanting someone when you no longer have the right. His full length album is expected to arrive summer 2017.

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