R. Kelly Unveils '12 Nights Of Christmas' Tracklisting

R. Kelly Unveils '12 Nights Of Christmas' Tracklisting
You know the year is about to end when Christmas albums are being planned. R. Kelly is spreading some holiday cheer this season with his 12 Nights of Christmas album. THe R&B icon has unveiled the album's official tracklisting which includes 12 tracks. R. Kelly is currently on the second leg of his Buffet Tour but he took the time to let fans know that is Christmas album is expected to drop later this month or early November! Check out its tracklisting below!

12 Nights of Christmas Tracklisting

1. “My Wish for Christmas”
2. “Snowman”
3. “Home for Christmas”
4. “Mrs. Santa Claus”
5. “I’m Sending You My Love for Christmas”
6. “Letters”
7. “Once Upon a Time”
8. “Greatest Gift”
9. “It’s Christmas Day”
10. “Christmas Lovin'”
11. “Flyin’ on My Sleigh”
12. “12 Nights of Christmas”
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