MKSHFT Unveils New Single 'Omkara'

MKSHFT Unveils New Single 'Omkara'
Time for some free music. Hailing all the way from India MKSHFT delivers us a stunning new single entitled Omkara. This is a blend of sounds of Indian folk/classical music and culture wrapped up in a neat package made of electronic sounds. 
Omkara is a synonym of Ganesha, the elephant-headed god celebrated especially during Hindu festival known as Ganesh Chathurthi. The producer gathered some samples related to the Indian vibe, rearranged them to create a cool dance concept around it and that is how Omkara was born. And you've got to love this one! Stream/download it via the player below!

MKSHFT plans to release 7 tracks within 7 months and keep it going. All of his tracks will represent modern makeovers of Hindustani vibes (each release will have its own India related backstory).
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