Joy Crookes shares "Sinatra" music video

South London based Joy Crookes reveals stunning video for Sinatra. Joy filmed the video with the help of her boyfriend Lukas Van Oudenhove.
Lukas and I filmed it with the help of two of our friends (shoutout Karim and Yohanna) - who helped with lighting, and also helped create an incredible energy at weird times in the morning. We planned the video ourselves and what I enjoyed most was turning our ideas into visuals. We started by creating a specific lighting scheme which we felt fit the mood of the song, then came up with ideas for specific setups as we went along.

Talking about the song itself Joy explains,
“‘Sinatra' is about a fatal attraction. Most of us can relate to misguided love...being with, or staying with someone who isn’t right for you. You can almost become addicted to a person; the ‘Sinatra Charm’ as referenced in the song.”

This is a beautiful cinematic pop/R&B and soul-tinged tune! The song blends elements of theatrical pop and soul-tinged trip-hop, with subtle touches of brooding RnB. Can't believe she's only 17!! Super talented!
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