I AM WILLOW Unveils New Single "Satellite"

Malta-born, London based, classically trained singer-songwriter I.AM.WILLOW has unveiled her brand new single Satellite. This is a soaring piece of pop music with a super infectious ethereal vibe. And her vocals are gorgeous!!

Speaking of the single WILLOW said it is,
about giving that special relationship a second chance. Giving up all earlier inhibitions and doubts and letting go ... Waving at the world as it fades from view. Trusting in what will be. Essentially allowing love to show the way.

Influenced by the complex works of artists such as Kate Bush and Tori Amos, the epic soundscapes of Woodkid and London Grammar in addition to songwriters and performers such as SIA and Beyoncé, WILLOW’s music is a cinematic-pop explosion of influences, highlighted by the contrasting subtlety and power of her vocals, melodic arrangements and evocative lyricism.
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