Gabriel Wolfchild & The Northern Light unveil "Runaways" Music Video

Gabriel Wolfchild & The Northern Light unveil "Runaways" Music Video
Atmospheric folk musical collective Gabriel Wolfchild and the Northern Ligh have unveiled the official music video for their stunning single Runaways! Wow! This is truly a beautiful song guys, great storytelling accompanied by gorgeous atmospheric folk vibe.

Singer-songwriter Gabriel Wolfchild found success being feature on the singing competition The Voice. He beautifully fuses a range of raw acoustic sounds with the electricity of cinematic alternative rock in his debut EP, Mornings Like These. Intertwining his natural ability for poetic storytelling with intricate guitar, Wolfchild successfully demonstrates the true meaning of Indie artistry. After finding success as a solo artist in his hometown of Seattle, Wolfchild sought the help of supporting musicians who would later become his band, creating Gabriel Wolfchild and The Northern Light.
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