2016 X-Factor UK: Judges Houses - Overs & Boys

Hey guys! So the last episode of X-Factor UK's Judges Houses is over! Like Louis Walsh, Sharon Osbourne has lost the plot! She has the best category with the Overs because all of them can sing (Apart from Honey G). However she picked Honey G instead of Samantha Atkinson or Christopher Peyton. Also going through to the live shows is Saara Alto and Relley C! Basically Sharon and Louis made it clear that the winner will be either a boy or a girl.

Nicole had no bad singers in the Boys category. All of them are talented which made it hard for her to pick 3 acts to go to the live shows. However I was sad when she didn't pick Nate Simpson and Niall Sexton to go through. They were the best singers! She chose Freddy Parker, Matt Terry and Ryan Lawrie! So she went with the pretty factor, which is what the public wants, I suppose!

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