2016 X-Factor UK - 1st Live Show

Evening everybody! So the very first live show of X-Factor UK 2016 is over!! Brooks Way did not perform and it seems it is all related to some pending investigation related to Josh. I guess the drama has started! I was surprised with Saara Aalto's performance of Let It Go. She showed her powerful vocals!! 
5 After Midnight opened the show performing Justin Timberlake's Can't Stop The Feeling and I am sure they will stay long in the competition: they can sing, they can dance and they are cute. Samantha Lavery gave a lovely performance of Shontelle's Impossible but was not that memorable!

Ryan Lawrie showed he deserved to be in the competition with his rendition of One Direction's Perfect. He's so sweet and I really like the tone of his voice! Gifty Louise has some great vocals but I wasn't blown away with her performance of Fifth Harmony's Perfect Girl. Relley C sang one of my favourite songs, Shackles, and it was awesome but not as great as Jennifer Phillips' audition last year! Matt Terry continues to milk the being-dumped card with a performance of Grace's You Don't Own Me. It was a great performance on which he showed his vocal range! He's not going anywhere because he's the heartthrob of the show.  
Freddy Parker performed Killing Me Softly, first playing the piano and then standing up. Simon did not enjoy it!! Bratavio.... campy, campy, campy!! I don't know why they are here! They were cleary picked for the fun factor and they gave a colourful all-over-the-place performance but they cannot sing...  To quote Simon: "A musical horror movie". 
Emily Middlemas performed the gorgeous song Closer by The Chainsmokers! It was a good performance, she only had 24h to prepare this song so it was ok. I love her and hope she doesn't go home tomorrow.
Closing the show was Honey G.... Tupac must be turning in his grave now! She rapped over his song California Love and it was as expected, a mess but the judges liked it! So that's it! The first episode of X-Factor 2016 is done and it lacked that big wow performance and it focused a bit on the bad acts instead of the great vocals. Below are my top 4 performances!

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