Hey guys! I am happy to introduce you to Mellor, a 4-piece band from Reading, UK. These lads bring a dynamic mix of Pop Smack and nostalgic jive appeal up to the present day. Mellor are: Gary Kingham (Lead Vocals/Guitar), Christian Inglese (Lead Guitar/Vocals), Josh Woodward (Bass) and Mike Lowndes (Drums). Their music has a groovy 60s vibe! Their new EP, One Of The Faces, will be out on October 28th and the lead single is the awesome song, Never Saw Her Leave. It has an upbeat feel, a catchy guitar riff and that retro vibe I've mentioned above. I LOVE Gary's voice, it is perfect for this genre and oozes attitude. I really fell in love with their music and hope you guys do too!!  If you like The Beatles, The Kinks, The Libertines, etc, you will love Mellor!!:)