Listen To: Noah (Amber)

Check out Noah, the debut single of Amber, a young band from Nottingham, UK! This is a beautiful indie-esque/rock song that I am pretty sure you will all love it. The band members are Will Jones,Tomas Sperring, Joshua Keogh, Henry Wyeth and Felix Archer and they are set to release their debut 4-track EP, Noah, on July 22nd! I was lucky enough to listen to the EP already and I LOVE it! It has a great warm feel to it with beautiful songs like my favourite, Kites. Great vocals, very good songwriting and beautiful soothing melody. Little Ghost is also another beautiful song with a faster pace than Kites and somewhat of an anthemic feel to it. You will LOVE it! This EP is a balance between rock music with the sentiment of folk music and I think they combine it perfectly. Definitely a band worth checking out!

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