Listen To: Let's Go All The Way (The Wondergirls ft. Robbie Williams)

The Wondergirls have released their new single, Let's Go All The Way, featuring Robbie Williams! I can see why this great rock song features on the OST of Iron Man 3! It's energetic and perfect for a soundtrack. I expect great things from them and hope they carry on with this cool type of music! The Wondergirls of Ashley Hamliton, Jay Gordon (founding member and creator of Orgy), Chris Llyod (former VP/ A&R executive at Flip Records) and Doug Ardito (Guitarist and original member of Puddle of Mudd). The band used to be bigger back in 1999 but soon after recording this single they've disbanded and only now in 2013 Ashely decided to revive the band with new members and finally release this great track! Ashley also plays the villain Jack Taggert in the movie! Check out the lyric video of this amazing track below!

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