MUST LISTEN: If You Love Her (To Be Frank)

If You Love Her (To Be Frank)
Ok... So do you know that feeling when you listen to a song and you just fall in love with it after 10 seconds through the track? That happened to me with this amazing track, If You Love Her, by To Be Frank. This minimalist pop track is amazing and showcases his beautiful vocals. I am sold!! The melody and the simplicity of the track is what really got me hooked. LOVING it! Interesting fact: Frank is the great great grandson of famed composer/pianist, Michel Bergson, so talent still runs in the family!

Sabem aqueles temas que mal ouvem um bocado vocês ficam viciados? É o que me aconteceu com If You Love Her de To Be Frank, um artista britânico. Esta é uma excelente faixa pop/minimalista, bem focada na melodia e na sua bela voz. Amei!
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