Introducing: HAUS

Hey peeps! It's time to introduce you to another cool band: Haus! They are an indie/alternative 6 piece band from London UK:  Sam Kelly 18 (Guitar), Lyle Simpson 18 (Drums), Ashley Mulimba 17 (Guitar/backing vocals/synth), Jack Bushall 19 (Vocals), Ellis Mortimer 17 (Bass), and Daniel Hylton 17 (Guitar). They have been performing at various places in London and if you want to check them out live you can attend their upcoming performance at Camden Proud on October 21st! I am very surprised with their talent, especially at such young age. Their music is mature and infectious. Their song, Matchstick, is extremely catchy and I'm loving the melody (with that subtle touch of synths) and those guitar riffs! If at this young age they can create such professional and captivating music I only can imagine the great things to come in their future. I really believe you guys will fall in love with their music, and looks, so let's support these new acts!! :)
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  1. I like it! Do they have anymore?

  2. Hey there. They are working on new music. So at the moment they still haven't released other songs but as soon as they have new ones I will post them here :)