Here I introduce you to indie rock trio: The Glammers. This animated band was formed in Edimburgh in 2006 and in 2007 they released their first single, Messensheriff, that became a hit on Myspace with over 1.5 million listens. On June 26th they released their self-titled album and I've had the chance to listen to it. It includes their 1st single, Messensheriff, which is a groovy rock track, and also my personal favourite Six Hours Later. Syd Glammer, She Glammer and Rex Glammer are the members of this animated trio that - for obvious reasons - reminded me of the Gorillaz. However they have their own merit and they've established themselves as a unique indie rock trio that makes great music with killer hooks! The Glammers is out now on iTunes and Amazon MP3.

Six Hours Later Music Video